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Attention all Almost, Maine fans!

This spring, we are hosting an audition-only production of this beloved story. The production will be open to performers ages 12-18 who possess a love for theatre and a passion for storytelling. See Below for a full character description!  


To prepare for the audition you must prepare a one-minute monologue. The monologue should be in the style of romantic, comedic or romantic comedy. 


Once you are accepted into the show, a $50 registration fee will be required to secure your spot. Show fee, which includes all rehearsals, costumes and 2 tickets for parents is $400 total and can be paid in payments.

Performances will be May 17th-20th.  

Register to Audition!

We are so excited that you have chosen to Audition for Almost, Maine! See you on Audition Day!

Almost, Maine Character Breakdown

Almost, Maine is a play in two acts. The title refers to an imagined town in Northern Maine, named Almost, that the playwright, John Cariani, writes, “doesn’t quite exist”.

Each scene consists of at least two main characters, and, aside from the Prologue, Interlogue, and Epilogue, none of the characters onstage repeat (though some are mentioned tangentially in later scenes).


THEY FELL can also be cast as a female scene as SHELLY and DEENA. 


There are 20 roles in the play. It was written to be performed by four actors doubling the various roles, but does not need to be cast as such. The play is structured as 8 vignettes with a prologue, interlogue and epilogue. 


Character Descriptions:

PETE PROLOGUE / INTERLOGUE / EPILOGUE -a rather pessimistic teen male, in love with Ginnette.

GINETTE PROLOGUE / INTERLOGUE / EPILOGUE -a hopeless romantic, smitten with Pete. A bit of a chatterbox when excited. 

STEVE THIS HURTS - an open, kind fellow whose brother protects him due a disorder that causes an inability to feel pain.

MARVALYN THIS HURTS - Young woman in an unhappy relationship. She is defensive and protective of her heart.

LENDALL GETTING IT BACK - a quiet, matter-of-fact sort of man. Long term relationship with Gayle.

GAYLE GETTING IT BACK - impulsive woman who has worked herself into a panic over her long-term relationship with Lendall. City philanthropist and head of the local community center.

MAN (DANIEL) STORY OF HOPE - settled, contented married man.

SUZETTE STORY OF HOPE - wife of Daniel.

HOPE STORY OF HOPE - Almost native who went to college on the west coast. She is returning to hopefully reunite with her high school sweetheart, Daniel.

EAST HER HEART - a quiet, kind repairman who lives on his family's farmland. He is lonely.

GLORY HER HEART - a vulnerable, guilty widow in search of the northern lights.

JIMMY SAD AND GLAD - a heating and cooling guy. He was left by Sandrine almost a year ago, and still has no idea why she left.

SANDRINE SAD AND GLAD - Jimmy's ex-girlfriend who is now engaged to be married. Still feels guilty for leaving Jimmy the way she did.

WAITRESS SAD AND GLAD - upbeat but overworked server at the Moose Paddy, the local hot spot.

CHAD THEY FELL - Builder and local handyman. Falls in love with best friend Randy.\

RANDY THEY FELL - Down home "Country Boy"; Contractor and handyman. Best friends with Chad. Has trouble admitting his feelings for Chad.

PHIL WHERE IT WENT - Tired, overworked husband and father. Tired of balancing work and married life.

MARCI WHERE IT WENT - Hardworking wife and mother. Unhappy and lonely in her marriage.

DAVE SEEING THE THING - Patient, friendly man with the heart of an artist.

RHONDA SEEING THE THING - Athletic and competitive. Tough tomboy.

SHELLY THEY FELL (FEMALE VERSION) - “Country Girl” who falls in love with her best friend Deena.

DEENA THEY FELL (FEMALE VERSION) - “Country Girl” who has trouble admitting her feelings for best friend Shelly.

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