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It's that time again

It may seem early to start talking about our end of the year recital, but things move quick around here! 

Our recital this year will take place on June 1, 2024, and the plan is to have it again at Oviedo High School!

Recital is fee is $125, which includes one costume and 2 tickets to the performance. 

If your child is in more than one class, each additional costume is $65.

Costumes fees are due no later than December 15th.  If necessary, you can pay for just the costumes now and we will work out the rest of recital fee starting in January. 

If you need to make payments or arrangements, we can work that out!

Simply email Sarah at

Register for Recital

Select what you are paying for now. If you would like to pay for just the costumes, please select the appropriate amount depending on how many students you have and how many classes they are in. If you would like to just pay for the costumes now, we can then do the remaining fee over time over the next few months.

We are so excited that you are joining us for recital this year!

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