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Welcome to
Imagine Performing Arts Center

At Imagine Performing Arts Center, creativity and inclusivity intertwine!

We offer diverse dance and performing arts classes for all ages, providing an extraordinary platform for self-expression. In our welcoming and supportive environment, everyone is cherished, and we take pride in offering classes for friends with Special Needs, ensuring every individual can shine. 


Beyond dance, our performing arts programs encompass acting and theatrical performance, nurturing well-rounded artists. We also offer an extensive performing arts Homeschool Program!

For more information about classes, click here! 

Don't want to take classes? We welcome everyone to come and experience an enchanting array of shows, from captivating plays and mesmerizing musicals to awe-inspiring dance performances, thrilling magic shows, hilarious improv, and side-splitting comedy. There's something for every theater enthusiast to enjoy and be part of our lively and entertaining community!

For more information about what shows we have coming up, click here!

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